The Trauma of Sexual Abuse

It is only recently that our society has acknowledged the scope of this problem and has tried to understand the causes and effects it has on the victim and on society as a whole. It is an issue that stirs our most primitive instincts and evokes feelings of helplessness, rage and repulsion. Reflecting one of the darkest sides of childhood experiences, the effects of this trauma reverberate throughout the life cycle of the individual and play out in the dynamics of the family for generations.

Casualties of Childhood: A Developmental Perspective on Sexual Abuse Using Projective Drawings by Agnes Wohl and Bobbie Kaufman 


Keeping in line with the current thinking of Post Traumatic Growth, many survivors have chosen to focus on the resiliency and competency that has become a positive factor in their personalities. .

Survivors of sexual abuse have faced and dealt with major struggles in their lives.  While I do not in any way endorse physical, sexual, or emotional abuse of any sort, I have grown to admire and be inspired by the resilience and strength of the human spirit.  Survivors of  abuse can sometimes transform their pain into very positive changes in the self and my witnessing this for over 30 years is truly breathtaking.

Resilence Assessment:

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