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Blog:  02/1/2020


Sexual Abuse of Men and How They Can Begin the Healing Process 02/01/2020

Sexual abuse is  a common problem in the world. We hardly go a day without hearing of abuse, of which we should all take note. Statistics have it that in every 140 seconds 2 sexual assaults occur, which involves more women than men.

However, this does not dispute the fact that men also get sexually harassed and abused. In most sexual occurrences involving a man, there tends to be a show an attitude of negligence and pure unconcern which can be heartbreaking. We forget that abuse is abuse and should not be gender-biased.

Just like other survivors, male victims have that feeling of self-disgust and sadness. These victims face a different quality of  trauma than women because of faulty thoughts towards  the sexually abused man.

Misconceptions on the Sexual abuse of Men

These perceptions are the reason

most male victims stay clear of the media and all other forms of exposure. Some of which are;

  • Men don’t get sexually abused.
  • Some people wrongly believe that men cannot be a victim.

       .All sexual abuse reported by men is false.

      .A man benefits when they are sexually abused by a woman.

All of these are wrong assumptions about men that have been abused. People are even more judgmental towards men than women, they may look at them with  disbelief. These men in turn lack self-peace, sanity and are prone to depression and isolation and don’t often seek help.

How to get over sexual trauma

Open up about the abuse.

Generally, admitting to being abused can be very difficult because of the stigma attached. Women speak up more than men when it comes to sexual abuse. The men have more fear of disbelief than women. You “remain” entrapped  when you “remain” silent.

Understand you are not to blame

You must understand that whatever happened was not your responsibility. The shame will be felt, but remember, sexual abusers are excellent at entrapment and you were not wrong to have trusted someone. Once you can establish this truth, it will be easier to free yourself from the guilt. So, work towards self forgiveness.

Get set for flashbacks

There will be flashbacks and those memories will haunt you for a while. So, prepare your mind, take precautions and with time, they will lessen.


Anticipate the flashback

Note things that trigger these flashbacks and steer clear of them

Note symptoms that occur before a flashback

Take enough time to relax once you notice these symptoms

Nurture and reconnect to the world

Getting over an abuse may be difficult but taking care of your mind can hasten the process. For this reason, you must build your mind in the best of ways; avoid drugs, mind what you watch, engage in mind relaxing activities and connect with friends. You deserve to be happy, so reconnect with the world.

Gender doesn’t change the effect of the abuse on a person, because its impact is more mental than physical. The impact of sexual abuse yields a traumatic experience even in men, which includes depression and post-traumatic stress disorder. No matter the abuse you struggle with, do as much as you can right to keep you sane mentally, physically and emotionally.