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  • Agnes Wohl

A Cry From The Abused

Sexual Abuse is the ultimate form of being used

It is a denial of self with all rights refused

It means that when they are through

I can’t even trust myself, the abuser or you

It means giving up a part

Of me – a part of my heart

my innermost purpose of being alive

It makes me doubt why you even care

In fact, it makes me question everything – everywhere

I feel like giving up the last thing I have

The hope instilled by God above

The unconditional love,

Life’s philosophy seems like it’s been taken from me

I often wish restitution

Or anything that might be a resolution

I need an answer, whole or in part,

To stop the aching in my heart

I want once more to forgive

And to pass from this stage and live

To be free from the weights

And the semi-comatose states

To be loosed from the guilt and reason

And to know the abuse only lasted for a season

by Anonymous Sexual Abuse Survivor

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