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  • Agnes Wohl

To survivors of sexual abuse who have lost their mothers

Updated: Apr 4, 2022

Hand sewn goddesses
Hand sewn goddesses made by a group of survivors of sexual abuse. These are representations of the strength they channel through the goddesses they chose.

To survivors of sexual abuse who have lost their mothers thru death or otherwise. Written by a survivor

My Daughter,

My sweet gentle daughter. I made you, you came from my tummy the center of my being. You have my blood running through your veins. My hair, my eyes, or even my cute nose. Every part of you is beautiful because you came from me. I live on through you. Every emotion you have is beautiful. Your anger, your sadness, your joy, your fears, your loves all of it makes you who you are and that is my daughter. No one else on this earth and up in heaven are what you are to me my special daughter. I have emotions also. I was so sad to leave you on this earth.

I never really left you; I stayed by your side. I wish I could have whisked you away from the horrible home you were made to live in. The horrible conditions you were made to suffer through. The horrible words that were spoken to you. I never left your side. Even when you were made to do shameful acts and felt all alone. I was there. I could not physically rescue you or take you away to some far-off land. I wanted to so badly my sweet daughter.

I kissed you and brushed your hair while you slept. I whispered in your ear at night, how much I loved you. Nothing that you were made to do or that was done to you made me turn my back. I was always with you shinning my light upon you. Trying to light the darkness that surrounded you. You are so kind, funny, beautiful, thoughtful, giving, wonderful and smart; you are my daughter. Though your body or your hands once did awful things. Now you make the most beautiful art with them. Your paintings and blankets are magnificent. You are very creative.

If you could see yourself through my eyes you would never doubt any of your actions. If you could see yourself through my eyes you could see how proud I am of you. You had a very, very difficult beginning but that doesn’t mean your end I’ll be the same. You are so full of life. You are kinds to others and kind to mother earth and all her animals. Thank YOU.

I am your stars at night, your moonlight in the dark night, your sun. Warm on your face, the rain and rainbow that follows. The flowers, the ocean, the green grass, the clouds, the wind, the tall trees. I surround you… my beautiful daughter always and forever.

Love, Mom

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