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  • Agnes Wohl

Trauma Survivor

Updated: Oct 25, 2022

You came into my heart with a light to shine the way,

You helped me find the courage to live another day.

You found me in my corner afraid to show my face,

You took my hand and led me to a new and safer place.

You stayed with me while growing into the teen I am today,

Then you let go of my hand and you let me slip away.

You left me with the older Jill who let me disappear,

Did you plan to leave me with a woman who lives in fear?

It’s not that she doesn’t love me, she just cannot let me in,

I remind her of the days when she cried quietly within.

I wish that she could hear me and not be so afraid,

I wish that she could see me feeling lost and so betrayed.

The two of us together could be the perfect pair,

She with her grown-up body and me with my curly hair.

We’d conquer things in front of us with brains and body strong,

We’d finally be united, truly feeling that we belong.

But here I sit in silence, once again afraid to speak,

She covers up her eyes and sometimes lets me peek.

You need to help her hold me so deep within her heart,

We need to join together or we’ll quickly fall apart.

Into the dark abyss which is oh so far away,

I’m begging for your help; I really want to stay

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